Basic WordPress Site

The basic package only includes the functionality found within WordPress and the chosen theme’s options.

  • 1 Meeting to define site requirements: Design and functionality
  • Assist with purchase of domain name and website hosting plans
  • Site setup:
    • I use the Avada Theme Template. It is highly flexible and will achieve the look you want. The price will increase if you specify a different theme.
    • Select site layout design from the theme options
    • Review and assign template options, including use of portfolios, testimonials, sliders and other template features
    • Set WordPress basic options
    • Install plugins required for basic site functionality (form generator, social media links, navigation aids, spam control etc.) This does not include calendars and enhanced functionality.
    • Create a keyword list based on client assumptions and Google Analytics findings
  • Create up to 10 pages and/or 10 posts – maximum 20
  • Define and map site navigation: Main Menu, 1 Sidebar Menu, 1 Footer Menu
  • Social Media Links
  • Set up a simple portfolio structure up to 20 items
  • Advise on best practices for written content: Web readability and SEO
  • Upload all images and documents (client to provide)
  • Link text and images where needed: Client to supply links to outside content
  • Create 1 Contact Form (e.g. name, email, phone, message)
  • Review and enhance SEO
  • Site “Launch”
  • Warranty on existing content for 30 days post-launch. This covers bugs and tweaks. It does not cover new functionality.
  • Training materials – written and video tutorials

Enhanced Wordpress Features and Functionality

These items will enhance your site functionality or add to the basics

  • Add pages/posts beyond the basic package
  • Enhanced portfolio capabilities (above 20 items)
  • Additional Menus (if your site template allows)
  • Additional single plugin purchase and setup
  • Add a calendar to your site
    • Install plugin and set options
    • Create up to 10 events
  • Add eCommerce (WooCommerce) to your site
  • Additional custom graphics
  • Additional Forms
  • Add social media functionality to you site (BuddyPress)
  • Database development and implementation
  • Database management
  • Website management and support
  • Advanced IT support for managing your hosting, cleaning up hacked sites, etc. This service is only available to existing clients.