Website Development and Ongoing Maintenance

The first impression people have of your business, is very frequently your Website. As a business owner, you may feel out of your element when you consider the idea of building/updating and maintaining  a Website. Depending on your comfort level with computers, you may feel anything from a bit insecure to completely overwhelmed by the idea. So you end up putting the task off far longer than you should.

Its important to have a presence on the Internet. More and more of your customers and prospects are looking for information online. They expect the businesses they deal with to have a website, and that the website is up to date in both appearance and content. Even if you have a Website in place, if it was built several years ago, it is probably not going to grab a visitor’s attention because the pages don’t conform with the current standards. It also may not be mobile friendly. Even worse, if you content is out of date, it will reflect on the way customers and prospects perceive your business practices.

When you partner with Cross Media Hawaii, we’re part of your team!

We specialize in helping businesses who have the desire to build a Website, but don’t know how to get started. These businesses often want to maintain their site themselves. Our model is to develop Websites using WordPress, which is a template based system, allowing regular people to add stories, pictures and even video to their own Website, without the need of a Webmaster. If you can create a Word document, you can edit a WordPress site. Cross Media Hawai’i will work with you to find the look and feel that matches your business, then install the software and do all initial setup so that we can hand it off to you. Not to worry, if you’d still rather have someone else maintain your site’s content, we have hourly rates that will not break the bank. When we sign on with you, we’re signing on to be part of your team – that may be short term, or long term. We believe in helping our clients succeed.

Features that we frequently implement on our client’s Websites include:

  • Database tools for managing club or organization members
  • Group or Event Calendars
  • Contact Forms
  • Classifieds
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios

Please Contact Us if we can help you build or improve your business or personal Website.

Some of Our Website Clients