Project Description

University of Hawaii School of Music, Manoa Campus

This site was launched in 2015

My primary role on The UH Music Department Websitewas as Project Manager, although I did contribute to site creation. As a project manager, I met regularly with the department faculty to gather requirements and set milestones and deliverables. I provided training and guidance so that the faculty member in charge of the project was able to build the lion-share of the site, himself. I assisted with some of the pages when it became clear there was too much work for one person to complete prior to their deadline for launching the site.

Another element that I managed was site photography. This was an area that was badly in need of a make-over. A local photographer, David Murphy, was hired. He took the Department’s visual imagery to a new level. I attended the photo shoots, and helped to identify image elements that tell an impactful story. The image at the top of this page is by David Murphy.

As often happens, the old site had been out-of-site, out-of-mind. Content hadn’t been updated regularly, and there were no standards for some of the sections. The faculty and staff are now eager to edit their areas of responsibility, and bring them into a new light.


Working with Trudi was fantastic! She went far beyond simply building a site for us: she helped us understand what was possible and how we could make the most of a site to support our students and the Department mission. In addition to helping with ‘big picture’ issues, she helped manage the transition to our new site and, throughout the year, was flexible with our University workload. Somehow, it all happened on schedule and we are still receiving compliments on her work. Thank you, Trudi!

Dr. Miguel Filipe, University of Hawaii, School of Music