Project Description

The Bead Gallery, Honolulu Hawaii

Iʻve been making jewelry, primarily as a hobby, for many years. My go-to shop in Honolulu is The Bead Gallery. As I got to know the owner better, we would chat about her business goals. During one of these conversations, we decided that we would like to work together on some how-to videos for the shop. Our initial video used a multi-camera setup, and a wireless microphone. I did the editing, as well as participating in the shoot. When the next video came around, I trained the owner on multi-camera editing, and she did her own edits. I must have created a monster, because she is now doing a couple of videos a month, which are posted on her YouTube Channel.

Iʻve also spent some time consulting with the owners on their Website, business planning, eCommerce, and other areas of marketing. It really helps them out to have a sounding board for their ideas, and hear alternative solutions.