Project Description

Sylvan Greens Homeowners Association (SGHOA)

When we started working with Sylvan Greens in 2002, they were debating whether or not to build a Website for the community. They decided that since they did not have the expertise to build or maintain a traditional website at that time, that they would go with a private social media site. We presented BigTent to them, as a free and relatively easy to administer solution. They use the group to share documents, send messages, schedule meetings, provide forums, etc. They do some of the administration themselves, and ask us to step in when they need a little extra help, or have a board of directors who are not computer savvy. We offer them an annual retainer package at a reasonable cost.

We occasionally use Mail Chimp to send messages, even though BigTent does have a blast feature. There are occasionally messages that need to be on the organizationʻs letterhead, so we developed a template that features their logo.

2018 Update: Bigtent has given notice that they intent to close down the site at the end of 2018. We have notified SGHOA that they will need to look into other solutions. We hope that they will allow us to bid for future services.