Project Description

Story Winery, Plymouth California


Working with Story Winery was one of those rare and wonderful opportunities that donʻt come along all that frequently. It started with a call made on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to collect feedback on how the Chamber was doing. As the conversation progressed, we wound up talking about the Story Winery Website, and how it needed an upgrade. It was built on Flash, and was completely incompatible with Apple devices. We were invited to the winery to talk about options. The result was a project management job, working with a site developer that had been referred to them. The owners wanted someone to interface with the developer since they had no understanding of the process of site development.

The Project:

We met regularly with the developer to choose the WordPress template and customize it to the specifications of Story Winery. We re-wrote much of the site content to remove redundancies, strengthen the message, and include keywords for SEO improvement. We also leveraged the obvious use of the name of the winery in our “Story Telling”. While the template has recently been changed, the overall site content remains the same.

We also directed a photo shoot with a local photographer, helping her focus her shots on our story telling. We selected the shots to be used on the site.

The result of this project has been the addition of a wonderful friendship. We continue to stay connected to the owners, seeing them whenever weʻre in the area. Mahalo Jan and Bruce!


“Trudi helped me design my web page.  She is a talented and creative artist, easy to work with, listens to your requests and pays attention to detail. I enjoyed working with her from start to finish and would ask her again without hesitation  for help with any new project I may have.”

Jan Tichenor, Story Winery