Project Description

Spirit Sox USA, Campbell California

Spirit Sox USA is owned by Lisa Riggs. She developed the business to offer a fun and simple way to do fundraising. Their product is high quality sports socks customized for a team, school, alumni group or any group who think they’d like to raise money by selling unique socks. I began working with her before the business was launched, and helped her choose her domain name and plan and implement the requirements for her very first website. I was also able to provide guidance in many areas, such as website usability, trending development styles, basic marketing, and Photoshop coaching.

We looked at integrating e-Commerce using WooCommerce, but decided that while the business is getting up and running, the complexity of managing an online store was more than she was ready for. We opted for a simple contact form, and one-on-one communications between business owner and customers. It will be easy enough to upgrade the site to include e-Commerce when she’s ready to take that step. She has taken a step up and integrated a scheduling calendar so she can provide free fundraising consulting to prospective customers.

SEO has been a concern, and Lisa wanted to make improvements. There are a lot of fundraising solutions out there, and she wasn’t standing out. The business isn’t financially ready for Google AdWords, but she wanted  to do something. We added Yoast to the site, and are working through the process of identifying keywords and re-writing content.