Project Description

Pacific Rim Children’s Chorus Festival (Wanda Gereben)

I was introduced to Wanda by Miguel Felipe at the University of Hawai’i School of Music. Wanda is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Pacific Rim Children’s Chorus Festival. She is now retired, the Festival is no longer in existence, and her Website definitely needed to be updated to reflect the changes.
After evaluating the Website content, we laid out a plan to move from the Festival-centric site, to a site about Wanda’s career, accomplishments and what she is currently pursing.

Because the site’s purpose was changing from business to personal, we decided to keep costs down by utilizing the free template system that her hosting service, MegaPath, offered. There were plenty of layout and design options to choose from. We also worked on cutting back on services that her account included, such as SEO and unlimited mailboxes.

Part of our service to Wanda were to help her with her computer network and backup needs. She had moved to a new apartment, and had some difficulty getting these elements working properly. As part of the move, she also lost her phone number of many years. We added a contact form to the Website so that anyone looking for her Online, will be able to reach her.

2018 Update: Wanda’s previous website developer never provided her with several key passwords, so we are unable to renew her domain. Now that Wanda is happily enjoying retirement, we have made a plan to allow the domain to expire, and her website to sink into the Hawaiian sunset. We have been working with her to move from her domain email address to a Gmail address. By the time the domain expires in the fall of 2018, that migration should be solidly in place.