Project Description

Makk Studios, Honolulu Hawaii

Launched on December 18, 2014. We converted the Makk Art HTML site, into a WordPress site because the client wanted to have the ability to make their own edits and manage the site. The site is graphics rich, and showcases the many works of original and limited edition art that the Makk family have produced over the years.

  • We implemented an e-Commerce area where the family showcased limited edition gicleès and gift items available for purchase. The purchase gateway is PayPal.
  • The Makk’s have a blog in Google Blogger. They wanted to maintain that blog, so there are links to it from the site, as well as an RSS feed into a sidebar widget. The new site features a blog related to philanthropic endeavors.
  • We have developed an email marketing and social media strategy for promoting their business.
  • While we did not produce the videos that are displayed on the Website, we did provide the editing and digitizing needed to upload it to YouTube. By using YouTube to display the video, viewers get a clean playback experience, and the YouTube presence enhances SEO.

We continue to manage some elements of this site.