Kahala Pet Hospital (Dr. Patrick Leadbeater), Honolulu Hawaii

2020 Update

Dr. Leadbeater retired in 2018, and passed away a year later. Sadly, our final tasks for Kahala Pet Hospital have been unwinding their online presence. We’ve shut down, or let expire, the website hosting and domains. The email (GSuite) service was terminated. Social media accounts were either closed or modified to reflect the situation so that someone searching for information on the doctor or hospital, would be able find it.

Kahala Pet Hospital became a client because they were dissatisfied with the service of an off-island. high end marketing firm they had engaged to build their Website. The firm I replaced, collected a tidy fee, each month, for producing Google AdWords reports, which were emailed to the the Doctor with no commentary or recommendations. Because of this “account management from a distance” strategy, the doctor could do little to understand what was happening with his Website. Nothing was done to improve ad performance, or help the hospital staff to understand what they should do with the data.

As a result of a visit to the vet’s office for a routine exam, we took over the website and Google Adwords account. The doctor wanted to work with someone who would help him understand more about how his Website could become a more effective tool for bringing in new business. He wanted to work with someone who would explain things in language that he could understand. He also wanted to work with someone who could meet with him face to face on a regular basis. Their site, at the time, was a WordPress site, and they had a staff member who maintained the content. Because of this, they wanted to stay with the WordPress platform. We worked together to define the new look and feel of the site. At the end of the project, the site’s content remained the same, but was optimized for SEO, and user efficiency.

We also assisted with implementing the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Logo design
  • Photo editingL
  • Local advertising
  • Social Media management
  • Google AdWords
  • Video production

2018 Update: The website underwent an update to assure compatibility with upcoming versions of PHP and WordPress code. The look and branding have also been refreshed. As the doctor’s business goals change, we’ll be there for him.

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Our original website design for Kahala Pet Hospital's websiteOur 2018 redesign/rebranding of the Kahala Pet Hospital website.